Media Report: Rt-Mart Collaborates with Price Comparison Website to Enter E-commerce Market

(China Times reporter Shen Pei-Hua, Taipei)

Rt-Mart announces diverse collaborations with EZprice in effort to enter e-commerce market.

In light of thriving developments in online shopping, Rt-Mart, which has been engaged in the online shopping market for over two years, is collaborating with EZprice, the largest general price comparison website in Taiwan, in order to provide consumers with the best quality and value-for-the-money products on the Internet. RT-Mart’s online shopping currently offers nearly 1,000 products; besides price comparison for consumers, Rt-Mart will also launch time- and quantity-limited concession products with EZprice.

In order to demonstrate its determination in crossing over to e-commerce, Rt-Mart not only provides online shopping and home delivery services, buyers in Taipei City, New Taipei City and Keelung City can also enjoy 9-hour express delivery service, and numerous concessions are offered for products on the website. According to Rt-Mart PR representative Wang Ting-Jun, taking advantage of bulk purchasing, over 80% products on EZprice have the lowest prices on the market, and price comparisons on various channels are welcome.
According to the latest ACNielsen study, the recession and increase in housing prices have slowed down the growth of the commodity sales-oriented retail chain industry. On the contrary, online stores have grown year after year. Having noticed the emergence of the online shopping market, Rt-Mart has collaborated with prominent price comparison website EZprice by capitalizing on the sophisticated and integrated online shopping market; the aim is to strive towards the “multi-format” development trend and exemplify Rt-Mart’s dominant position in the “clicks vs. bricks” retail market.
Online shopping offers a shopping environment with advantages such as zero time difference, distance and time limit; therefore, an increasing number of consumers prefer to look up product information online to compare prices before making the purchase. Based on its in-house marketing research department, Rt-Mart has collaborated with EZprice to apply wholesale prices to the online shopping market; moreover, in light of Taiwanese consumers’ habit in surveying the product information before making online purchases, it is hoped to let the online purchasers to browse various Rt-Mart’s products while comparing prices at EZprice, in turn developing new consumer groups and enhancing brand exposure.



EZprice比價網是台灣最大的綜合網路購物比價網,每個月超過200萬人次上線使用, 用戶都是準備網購消費的使用者, 藉由紀錄消費者付款前一刻的實際消費行為, 並整合分析出的各項統計資料,非常具有代表性。