2013 Q1~Q3 Toilet Paper Brand, Platform Product Quantity and Click-to-purchase Rate Analysis


Compilation of Consumer Favorite Toilet Paper Brand

in 2013 Q1~Q3

According to statistics by a paper related industry association in Taiwan, an average of 325,000 tons of toilet paper are consumed annually in Taiwan. Toilet paper is an essential commodity in life, and consumers are used to bulk purchase of toilet paper during the weekend while taking the family shopping in the hypermarket. However, with the advent of convenient online shopping, an increasing number of people are making purchases online, which not only saves time but also the physical labor of carrying the product.

EZprice has compiled a list of top ten toilet paper brands during 2013 Q1~Q3 with the highest click-to-purchase rates and popularity among consumers.
The top five are: Kleenex by Kimberley-Clark, May Flower and Tender by Yong Feng Yu, Paseo by APP and Andante by Cheng Long Corp. In total, they constitute more than 80% of the top ten brands (83.89%). As the competition between toilet paper brands intensify, manufacturers are also constantly launching new products to provide consumers with the best experience!


2013/Q3 Where Do Consumers Prefer to Purchase Toilet Paper?

EZprice has compiled a list of top online shopping platforms on which consumers prefer to purchase toilet products between July and September.
It is clear to see from the chart that product quantity of a store does not guarantee consumer purchase, because consumer shopping behaviors such as product/store attributes and large quantity/attractive prices of wholesale products are also influential factors. The top two platforms with the highest click-to-purchase rates are Rt-Mart and a.mart. Since toilet paper is a household commodity, people usually make bulk purchases, and most consumers will consider wholesale platforms first.


Product quantity and click-to-purchase rate analysis for interfold toilet paper

EZprice has also observed that of all toilet paper related products, interfold toilet paper is the most popular. We have conducted additional analysis for interfold toilet paper for your reference!




EZprice比價網是台灣最大的綜合網路購物比價網,每個月超過200萬人次上線使用, 用戶都是準備網購消費的使用者, 藉由紀錄消費者付款前一刻的實際消費行為, 並整合分析出的各項統計資料,非常具有代表性。